Two Must-Reads for e-Discovery Lawyers

There are two new must-reads for lawyers who frequently encounter e-discovery issues.   A decade after The Sedona Conference’s 2007 publication of The Sedona Principles (2d ed.), the Public Comment Version for the forthcoming third edition has been released.  This impressive work will certainly be recognized as the updated bedrock guidance on nearly all e-discovery issues.  Study The Sedona Principles (3rd ed.) after reading Thomas Freidman’s Thank You for Being Late.  Friedman, a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, connects the warp-speed technological developments to our everyday life.  Trust us when we say that these two publications plug together.

The Sedona Principles (3rd ed.)

In March 2017, The Sedona Conference released the Public Comment Version of the Sedona Principles, Third Edition: Best Practices, Recommendations of and Principles for Addressing Electronic Document Production (available for download at no cost here).   The Sedona Conference papers are widely acknowledged to be the gold standard works on e-discovery issues.  This Third Edition of The Sedona Principles integrates e-discovery developments over the last decade in a comprehensive update of the earlier landmark work.

The first publication of The Sedona Principles was back in 2003.  Following the arrival of the 2006 e-discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Conference published in 2007 its Second Edition of The Sedona Principles.

A decade later, the 133-page Third Edition of the Principles identifies “fourteen succinct statements that embody the consensus view of [Working Group 1] on a reasonable and balanced approach to the treatment of electronically stored information in the legal process.”  Each Principle is further explained in detailed commentaries.  This format, followed in most of the Sedona e-discovery publications, delivers common-sense yet sophisticated analysis.

Those who are familiar with the e-discovery publications from The Sedona Conference will immediately download this new edition of The Sedona Principles.  If you are not yet a Sedona disciple, then start with this publication.

Thomas Friedman’s Thank You for Being Late

Thomas Friedman’s 2016 book, Thank You for Being Late, works as a complement to The Sedona Principles (3rd ed.).  You can get the book for $16.80 on Amazon.

Friedman, formerly a New York Times reporter and then columnist, has been a frequent writer on the seismic impacts of technology on our everyday lives.  He is a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner— Thank You for Being Late likely will likely produce his fourth Pulitzer.  In The Lexus and the Olive Tree and The World is Flat, Freidman connected high-technology advancements to the churning state of the world.

In Thank You for Being Late, Friedman makes as much sense as possible of the warp-speed technology developments over last decade and how they are turning lives upside down.  The book’s jacket explains that Friedman “exposes the tectonic movements that are reshaping of the world today and explains how to get the most after them and cushion their worst impacts.”  While jacket promotions are often exaggerated, this fairly summarizes Friedman’s latest work.

In the first 150 pages, Friedman identifies Apple’s 2007 introduction of the iPhone as the inflection point for recent technological changes. Together with advances in silicon chips, software, storage, sensors, and networking, we have a new technology platform which Friedman calls the “the supernova.”

Friedman suggest that since 2007, the pace of change has perhaps become too fast for reasonable adaptation.  In The Sedona Principles (3rd ed.) we have laudable effort to keep pace in the legal world with Freidman’s supernova.